What Financial Times Has To Offer You

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We all need updates on important aspects of our daily lives such as corporate, financial and political developments. Financial Times (FT) gives you the ability to be informed about such aspects of human life or adult life that have proven to be very important.

Financial Times achieves its purpose of making you informed in many ways amongst them expert commentary, independent global reporting and top class analysis.

FT Subscriptions

The flexibility of the subscriptions allows you to choose your preferred form of subscription. The forms of subscriptions availed here include:

1. Trial

If you are not so sure of the subscription to make, then you may first opt for the trial package.

In this form of subscription, you have full access to premium digital business news for 4 weeks at a subscription fee of $1 only.

2. Digital

Here you have access to essential news only.

For only $6.45, you have a wide variety of news to choose from.

Moreover, this package features numerous additional advantages such as the following:

• FT Weekend – You get full access to weekend content.

• Apps for mobile and tablet- Download the apps from play store and apple store. You can find the intended content in these apps.

• MyFT – You get to track topics that you like most.

• Gift article – You can share up to 10 articles with other people.

3. Premium Digital

In this package, you have access to essential content, deeper insights, opinions and analysis.

Benefits of Premium Digital
• In-depth analysis of trade, M&A, emerging markets and many more.

• Gift article – You have the ability to share up to 20 articles with whoever you so wish.

• Lex – Agenda setting daily column.

• ePaper – Digital version of the newspaper.

4. Group Subscriptions

The Financial Times group subscription provides tools and mechanisms that will help the organization filter the relevant news and insights required in their field of practice. This ensures that the organization maximizes on the investment made by subscribing.


• Market Intelligence and analysis
Some FT clients are very senior people who have to make sound decisions. FT, therefore, gives in-depth analysis of market forces, social, economic and political news that all determine how to make decisions today and also tomorrow.

• Dedicated Support
FT does not stop working with you once you’ve paid your subscription. The customer success team will ensure that the organization gets proper and relevant advice to bring about results quickly.

• Workflow Integration
Your organization pays for the subscription once. You are granted access to the FT content in multiple platforms such as on the Web, mobile and tablet apps. FT will provide workflow solutions for your organization.

• Flexible Pricing
Group subscription boasts of flexible pricing whereby we have: pricing based on engagement, pay and access multiple platforms/ content, and volume discounts.

The organization may, however, request a trial package which will expire after 30 days.

Other Subscription Options

5. Weekend App Edition

All you have to do is download the app from play store or apple store and you are good to go!

The subscription fee is only $99 and you get to enjoy unlimited access to lifestyle content.

Read engaging content about magnificent home designs, architecture, art, style, dining, and culture.

You will also have the opportunity to get advice on money matters.

6. Print Subscription

Has the FT newspaper delivered to your doorstep or in your office?

• ePaper version access of the content of the printed newspaper.

• FT weekend is included in the package.

• Free delivery to your home or office by 7:00 am.

7. Weekend Print + Premium Digital

This version gives access to the weekend news as well as all FT content.


• The Saturday paper that covers world news

• FT weekend Magazine – Get to read interesting stories, educative interviews and discover wonderful food and recipes.

• Get a feel of lifestyle and art.

• FT Money – Get money advice from top financial advisers.

• Check out the latest home interior designs, architecture and gardens.

• How to Spend It – The magazine shows you life’s ultimate luxury items which are worth your money.

• It has unlimited access to premium digital FT content on various platforms, be it on your mobile, tablet or desktop.